Your innovative IT-POOL! in a wide variety of industries

Project Management

Listycon offers professional Project Managers in the various areas of IT, vertically driven, but with a solid horizontal foundation.

Our Outsourced Resources offer a complementary mix of skills and specialties to fulfill all of your Project Management requirements.

Not restricting ourselves to one particular type of Project Management Profile, we allow differently trained and skilled professionals in our IT-POOL!

In this way we engage in a commitment towards our and your end-customers that you get exactly what you have bargained for!

Software Development

The market is demanding quite a few different types of Developers, esp. for Java, .NET, C++, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, …

Listycon expands it’s IT-POOL! gradually with Junior, Medior and Senior Developers, always maintaining a broad view on the extra soft-skills that will allow them to adapt and blend in to any Agile/Scrum or non-Agile/Scrum based development environment in different industries.

Web Design

Listycon is entering the market of Web Design to engage in cross-platform development and testing. By broadening the soft-skills of our developers, we further engage in understanding and living-up to the tough requirements and high demands of the exponential market growth.

We motivate and train our IT-POOL! Resources to further train their Javascript (HTML, CSS), PHP, wordPress, … development skills and related scripting languages for testing, like Selenium & Lua.

IT & Network Management

The IT world is an entire universe on its own. Listycon selects several Market Verticals, specializing cross-network IP CORE integration, simple IT Network Management and/or IT Assistant Services up to Security experts.

Not all networks are IP-based. Apart from experience in Wifi Testing and Power Line approvals, Listycon has a vast experience in RF Tuner Technology for HFC networks and DVB-C/S/T tuners. We engage in evaluating and setting out new and improved standards for your DVB-Tuners of your CPE’s or Customer Premises Equipment.

Please contact us to see if we have the right IT or RF Network profile for you from our unique IT-POOL!


SMATV or Single Master Antenna Television, provides Reception of satellite television for hotels, motels, hospitals and commercial or non-commercial properties with multiple tenants. It goes beyond the MDU’s or Multiple Dwelling Units, where mostly there is no centralized Backend and Monitoring.

Listycon has the inhouse expertise to analyze, design, order, install and configure the required Hardware and Software, in other words, do the entire Systems Integration to help you deliver a unique selection of national and international Radio and TV channels for your selected audience.

Together with your own architects or builders for new constructions or completely on our own for existing buildings, we set out the high-quality deployment of your localized audio / video broadcasts, while analyzing and optimizing where possible the best solutions for your Internet offerings.

Software Testing

Listycon is a specialist in Software Testing Services and Test & Integration Management. We have a team of experienced Junior, Medior and Senior SW Testers, Senior Test Supervisors and SW Test Team Leaders at your disposal.

Our employees and consultants offer a complementary mix of skills and specialties to fulfil all your testing requirements.

Our skilled tester can aptly manage test systems such as Bug Tracking Systems (Jira, Mantis, REQTEST…) and Test Case Databases (Jira Test Management, APTEST Manager, REQTEST…). We work in all testing environments like Remote testing from our offices, On Site Testing or even Field testing when required.

We offer 'ad hoc' or full-time availability of our IT-POOL! Resources for your SW Testing, nationally and internationally at competitive prices.

Hardware Design & Testing

Listycon offers services in Hardware Testing, providing the required ATP’s or Acceptance Test Protocols for final sign-off after Delivery.

Furthermore, with Listycon and our IT-POOL! you have found the right partner for a complete and detailed Hardware Specification Analysis and/or Design of your digital STB in IPTV, Cable, Satellite or DVB-T.

We are perfectly capable of aligning with Marketing, Engineering, Operations, Customer Operations, Supply Chain Management, IT, Change Control, Forward and Reverse Logistics and many more departments in your company to guarantee the complete deployment of your HW product from Idea to Customer (Self-)Install.

Our experience shows that sharing this information leads to product improvement, speeds up time to market, ensures faster and more cost-effective reverse logistics handling and last but not least: increased customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores.

Furthermore, Listycon will safeguard that the unit meets all requirements of the Voluntary Agreements and European Directives for Power Consumption.

Supported Tests

Listycon offers a variety of software and hardware tests. With our motto “If we can’t find it, it is not a bug!”, we continuously aim to fulfilling the client's high quality standards for HW or SW releases, supported by GO / NO GO decisions and Senior Management reporting. Here is a grasp of our IT-POOL! testing skills:


Our IT-POOL! Resources are trained on a variety of skills. Such training can be inhouse as well as external, honoring the marketing standards like e.g. ISTQB certification or similar.

More info can be found on the ISTQB company website.s